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The Lies They Tell You

Beauty companies will tell you that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, but then they’ll tell you that you need their product to achieve that beauty you so deserve. They’ll never tell you that every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own bare skin, sans being slathered in lotions and creams and cover-ups. They’ll never tell you that no woman should live with the unease that she can’t or shouldn’t be seen by anyone else, without first doing her hair and make-up. They’ll behave as if they’re the antidote to self-consciousness, when they’re one of the primary creators of it, and in fact, need women to stay this way, for fear that one day women might gather up the guts to stop buying beauty products all together, realizing that they can be beautiful without these things. They’ll never tell you that beauty is a state of mind, a way of being, that beauty from a bottle is only ever temporary, and you can’t buy the kind of beauty that never fades.

I don’t say this to make women who wear make-up feel like frauds, or to give the impression that they’re wrong in doing so, I say this because I was once a self-conscious young teenager who would sit herself in front of the mirror for hours prepping and primping, stressing over what I would wear, and how I wore my hair, who awoke from occasional nightmares even, of not having enough time for these regimens, of being seen without these rituals. I hung my hopes and sunk my money into all these products that promised to make me into something enviable and desirable. The funny thing was, it wasn’t until I threw these things in the waste bin, until I stopped religiously thumbing through fashion and beauty magazines, that I could remove the chains of self-consciousness. Is not the very industry that presents itself as a savior, the solution, actually creating and exploiting insecurities for their own benefit, forcing a beauty standard on women, making them feel inferior and unattractive if they don’t uphold it?

The fix for criticism of image isn’t in the very things that make you fixate on it more, but a redirection of your focus, to things that have nothing to do with superficialities. To be uninhibited, you must untangle the knots of lies you’ve been told. Ensure that you haven’t been blindfolded, that your are conscious of, and okay with, the genuine reasons why you do, or don’t, indulge in beauty products. We aren’t born with poor self-image, it’s planted within us. May we one day live in a culture where women can feel comfortable any which way we please, made-up or bare-faced, and embraced for it.

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