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I don't for a minute believe that Ello will stay ad free forever, but...

it is more aesthetically pleasing and I’m sick of Facebook, so here is mine (in the link). 

P.S. Anybody remember when privacy was Facebook’s motto, back when they were attempting to win people over from MySpace and when you actually had to have a college email address just to join? Le sigh. How far it’s fallen…

Fighting to get my life back from a decade of illness and pain, and for the first time wholeheartedly pursuing one of my greatest dreams, and I’m still afraid of failing, but I’ve been giving myself a lot of pep talks in the mirror, and I’ve realized maybe I never dared to pursue it before because I didn’t believe I could, and that has changed.

I feel like I’m drowning most days, it’s exhausting, but I want more out of life, and I know I can’t give up now. I learn all my lessons the hard way, I wrestle with everything, and I’m restless. I feel that I’ve failed at almost everything in life, but if I am willing to fail and be brought to my knees, again and again and again, and still get back up, maybe one of these days I can make a success out of all my other failures, that all the experiences and wrong paths and mistakes of my life can come together to make something beautiful.

But it really is exhausting. Worth it, hopefully, but exhausting and consuming. I’m sorry if I’m letting people down, if I’m less present and a completely unreliable at keeping up with friend and hanging out and social media. I love you, so I hope you all will bear with me. <3

I dread being asked, “Have any exciting weekend plans?” because my ideal weekend is exciting to almost no one else, least of all the people who ask this question.

And most my peers relate to each other with anecdotes like, “Every weekend, I have to cut myself off after I have so many drinks that I’m nauseated, light headed, and can hardly walk,” and I’m all, “Every weekend, I have to cut myself off after I have so many library books that my bags are full, my arms are cramping, and I can hardly walk.” And then there’s the approach of October and Halloween and autumn foliage and colder weather and pumpkin everything, and all I can think about is how, at last, the libraries will be open on Sundays again.

"A book is a gift you can open again and again."

Garrison Keillor (via vvolare)

(Source: feellng, via earthsun)